Due to COVID-19, All Counseling Sessions in Maryland Are Using Teletherapy.

You Will Love Teletherapy….

You will Love staying in your pajamas and being able to speak with me.

You will Love Not having to leave work for your appointment (some clients speak to me during their lunch breaks and do not have to take time off from work).

You will Love staying home, not braving the pouring rain, sweltering heat, freezing temperatures or icing roads due to sleet and snow.

You will Love how it eliminates the travel time, traffic delays and accidents and saves you gas money.

Just relax, open your computer and “I’ll be there”.

You Will Love The Convenience And Ease of Meeting With Me.

You will Love that you don’t need a babysitter which adds to the cost of counseling.

You will Love not missing any appointments because your child is home sick and you can’t leave him/her.

You will Love not bumping into anyone in the waiting room.

You will Love not having to miss your therapy appointment because you are stuck at work.

Just grab a coffee (or your favorite beverage), kick up your feet and we can discuss what’s on your mind.

You Will Love How Relaxed You Feel Using Teletherapy.

My Teletherapy platform is HIPAA complaint and easy to use. Feel free to contact me at 410-736-8118 to discuss how Teletherapy may benefit you.

You can Just stay home, and I’ll contact you at our designated time and “Lets Talk”.

104 Church Lane, Suite 131,
Baltimore, MD 21208
(410) 736-8118

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