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The gottman method of couples therapy


I am a certified Gottman Method Therapy couples therapist.

Drs. Julie and John Gottman, internationally renowned psychologists, performed 40 years of research to develop a  scientific method to strengthen relationships. They are world-renowned and their approach is the Gold standard in couple’s therapy.

It is said that Dr. John Gottman can watch a couple fight and tell you if they are headed for divorce!

I bring this to your attention because I want you to know that I take your couple’s therapy so seriously that I work hard to stay up-to-date with relationship therapy practices, Gottman method training, and certification in the best therapy methods.

Surely with a relationship in trouble you’d seek out only the best!

If on the other hand, you just need some communication skills and tweaks to your relationship, then we will work on the areas you want to focus on in therapy.

As a Gottman therapist, I aim to offer that to you: the best methods at your disposal, coupled with a personable therapist that you feel a connection with so that you can be honest and fully heal.

Whether I am working with couples who are considering marriage or who have been married for years or decades, the Gottman Method helps me assess individual and relationship issues and concerns, such as communication, goals/values, parenting, intimacy, money, and in-laws.

Working together, we develop a strategic, tailored plan for how you can address your challenges both as individuals and as a unified couple.

So, contact me today at 410-736-8118 or go to my Schedule Online page for a 30 minute free consultation and explore what’s possible with Gottman couples therapy.


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