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The gottman method of couples therapy


I am a certified Gottman Method Therapy Couples Therapist.

I help couples in Maryland address their relationship issues.

Due to COVID-19, many couples are struggling because they are stuck inside, feeling trapped and stuck with their partner.

You may be worried where your relationship is heading because you are fighting and arguing about the same things over and over or maybe you hardly talk anymore.

The problems start slowly, with one or two little things.

Maybe your partner upsets you but you don’t say anything or avoid discussing what’s bothering you for fear of making waves.

You don’t want to focus on the negative, but that’s all you are noticing in your relationship.

Then one, or both of you, start keeping score.

You may not know how to feel close to your partner. You may wish that you could have the relationship you once shared. .

You may feel like you’re at a dead end and don’t know where to go.
You may wonder, “What can I do?

As a Gottman therapist, I aim to offer the best methods at your disposal, coupled with a personable therapist that you feel a connection with so that you can be honest and fully heal.

Whether I am working with couples who are considering marriage or who have been married for years or decades, the Gottman Method helps me assess individual and relationship issues and concerns. Then, we can start delving into what’s creating the challenges in your relationship.

I will help you fix the most common Relationship Problems:
1. Communication
2. Intimacy
3. Parenting
4. Money
5. In-laws
6. Goals/Values
7. Criticism/Defensiveness
8. Not Enough Attention/Appreciation

If your issue is not listed above, you don’t need to be concerned because every relationship is different and we will figure out how to improve your relationship too.

Working together, we develop a strategic, tailored plan for how you can address your challenges both as individuals and as a unified couple.

I can help you improve your relationship across the state of Maryland with the use of teletherapy, retreats or intensive sessions or in my office.

So, contact me today at 410-736-8118 or go to my Schedule Online page for a 30 minute free consultation and explore what’s possible with Gottman couples therapy.


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