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“The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.”

The Dating and Honeymoon Phase

When you were dating you talked, laughed and had fun. You loved spending time together.

They were amazing, charming, and they understood you.

Then you got married or became more serious and committed and life got real.

Communication Issues Started

Fast forward to now.

You know you love each other, or at least you did.

The imperfections you once thought to be cute quirks are no longer cute.

You’re no longer best friends, and you are scared where your relationship is heading.  

There’s yelling, criticizing, and frustration Or maybe, it’s so quiet the silence is deafening. 

You’re in the same space but are so far apart it feels like the Grand Canyon is between you. You want your partner back. You want your relationship back.

What do you do?

When you’re dealing with issues such as stress, sex and intimacy, parenting, communication, money, in-laws, depression or anxiety in one or both partners, life can get out of control fast!

Nobody wants to feel unwelcome in their own home or alone in their own relationship. It can sneak up on you.

It starts slowly, with one or two little things.

Maybe your partner upsets you but you don’t say anything for fear of making waves. You’re keeping the peace at the sake of your own. Then one, or both of you, start keeping score.

You focus on the negative.

Even if you try to do things right it doesn’t feel like it counts.

It’s never good enough. 

You try to speak up but your partner doesn’t listen.

They just won’t change.

All you know is you speak up and nothing happens. You try again until you find yourself yelling. They yell back.

No one is happy.

Something has to change.

You can’t stay in a relationship where you can’t communicate and get your needs met.

You can’t communicate about benign things and parenting, money, and/or intimacy feel like a mountain you can’t climb. 

One of you is the warden and the other is the fun one.

Maybe you just feel undermined all of the time: you dole out a consequence only to find that the other parent isn’t following through.

Perhaps you’ve been told by your partner that you aren’t the one following through or that you’re too strict. Either way, you’re not on the same page.

Your child is acting out because the boundaries aren’t clear, and because they can.

The entire family is miserable.

Meanwhile, it just becomes another fight between the two of you. You just want peace in the household but can’t quite get there.

All of this really takes its toll in the bedroom.

It’s hard to want to be intimate with someone you feel can’t understand you. Or it seems that they don’t want to.

How can they expect intimacy when you feel criticized all the time?

When you feel like you bear the burden alone, you’re definitely not going to want to share your body. At the same time, you have needs.

It’s heartbreaking and demeaning to have to beg for attention. One or both of you may be fearful of someone straying. You don’t know how to connect outside of the bedroom, much less in bed.

I Want to Be Happy Again

If you’ve read so many self-help books you feel like an expert yourself but things still aren’t clearing up it may be time to consider expert help. It doesn’t mean you haven’t done a good job, it just means you’re stuck and need some guidance.

You need more tools.

Often, when marriages or serious relationships are in trouble, it’s a legacy- one or both of you didn’t learn the appropriate ways from your family. You need to learn them somewhere.

It helps to have someone impartial, who isn’t too close to the situation, and can guide you toward closeness and connection.

My job is to offer practical solutions.

About Couples/Marriage Therapy

What can you expect when seeking answers from a couples therapist near me? Consider the following…

Couple’s counseling is NOT complaining about your partner. Couple’s counseling is not rehashing old arguments and replaying the same old argument with a therapist in the room.

Couple’s counseling is about solving the problem and learning new ways. Couple’s counseling is discovering new tools and ways of communicating that will ideally bring you closer and get everyone’s needs met. Couple’s counseling will help you feel emotionally safe and secure again or for the first time in your marriage or serious relationship.

You will feel more appreciated and cared for like you remember from the beginning of your relationship.

I work with you to help you be the couple you’ve always wanted to be.

You can start having fun, connecting and loving each other again.

You will learn how to discuss and resolve issues that you have fought over for years. You will repair hurt, frustrations and disappointments that have been destroying your relationship.

There’s HOPE if you want to change the course of your relationship.

I would be neglectful if I didn’t add that some couples do decide that they no longer want to stay together. I am always on the side of the relationship but sometimes a couple comes to the reality that they aren’t a good match.

In this instance, I can help you grieve and make a plan. It is possible to separate amicably.

It is possible to move towards a new normal in a healthy way, even with children involved.

Couples Counseling Can Help

I’m happy and eager to help you rebuild your relationship and get back on track or amicably decide other alternatives, if necessary. With a new approach to your relationship, you can start to grow again as a couple.

If you need or want to explore a more INTENSIVE COUPLES THERAPY APPROACH (2-3 days of intensive therapy to stabilize or get your relationship back on track), then please read the Intensive Couples Therapy Retreats tab for more information.

Effective Couples Counseling is Different Because:

1. My Couples Therapy usually requires fewer sessions.
2. My Couples Therapy sessions are longer (usually 2-4 hours) to allow for in-depth work to eliminate negative patterns, assumptions and misunderstandings.
3. My Couples Therapy will teach you how to be experts on each other to feel loved and cared about.
4. My Couples Therapy will help you and your partner Discover how you are wired differently, yet you can overcome your differences to create a Loving Relationship.

Your search for effective marriage/divorce counseling and relationship therapy near me is over now that you have found Couples Counseling in Baltimore.

You can be happy again!

Let me know how I can help. You can call me at 410-736-8118 or email me at rabinowitzcounseling@gmail.com. We can meet in the privacy of your home or in my office.


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