How To Stop An Argument By Discovering The Emotional Triggers That Ignite Your Feelings

You are supposed to be having a quiet, enjoyable evening, when all of a sudden it gets side tracked by a fight. It came out of nowhere, and now you are going around in circles, not sure what you’re even talking about anymore. You want to put the breaks on the conversation, but nothing you’re saying or doing seems to...[ read more ]

Should We Put Off Getting Married?

Should We Put Off Getting Married? You think you found the right person, and you feel happy and connected. You have discussed marriage and your future goals.  Now you may ponder, “Should we put off getting married or decide to get married? Why Do People Get Married? There are many reasons why people get married; most are about bringing two...[ read more ]

What You Can Learn About Your Partner by Just Learning their Attachment Styles

What You Can Learn About Your Partner by Just Learning their Attachment Styles Attachment styles develop in childhood due to the interaction between the child and caregiver. That interaction will forever impact your life and your relationship. Your style of relating to your partner is shaped by that interaction, so learning about the styles of bonding and connecting will prepare...[ read more ]

Relationship Therapy: How to Get the Most out of Couples Counseling

relationship therapy

Couples therapy is a great idea for any couple no matter how strong their relationship is. In fact, counseling has been shown to be around 75% effective overall. However, in order for it to work, you have to take certain steps and be in the right mindset. However, if you're new to therapy, how can you know what steps you need...[ read more ]

Are You Listening?

Active Listening is a foundational key skill for a successful marriage that both partners should participate in. Active Listening creates a deeper understanding and helps couples empathize more with their partner’s wants and needs. Active Listening doesn't mean remaining silent while your spouse speaks. Marriage is not a one-way street, and neither is communication. Miscommunication occurs when one partner remains...[ read more ]

Looking for the Baby

Looking for the Baby We have all been in situations in which we feel misunderstood by our partner. We might be left scratching our head, wondering why our partner just doesn’t get us. PACT therapists recognize that such misunderstandings or misattunements to nonverbal and verbal cues are similar to what can happen with babies and their primary caretaker(s). We know from attachment theory that if the caretaker is unresponsive, punitive, anxious, or inconsistent, then the...[ read more ]

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