How To Turn Tough Times Into Golden Opportunities To Heal Your Marriage

This couple is learning how to navigate the tough times together.

Your relationship may be running into tough times because of COVID or just because. The challenges can be exhausting to navigate, and you may wonder if you are going to make it through the rough waters to dry and safe land. However, these tough times are golden opportunities to heal your marriage and not allow your relationship to drown. How...[ read more ]

How To Stop An Argument By Discovering The Emotional Triggers That Ignite Your Feelings

You are supposed to be having a quiet, enjoyable evening, when all of a sudden it gets side tracked by a fight. It came out of nowhere, and now you are going around in circles, not sure what you’re even talking about anymore. You want to put the breaks on the conversation, but nothing you’re saying or doing seems to...[ read more ]

5 Ways To Love Your Partner In Their Love Language (Not Your Own)

Most of us want to be loved, treasured and appreciated. Most of us wish to express these same feelings toward our partners.  To successfully communicate our love we need to express it in the way our partners will understand. It is as though we have to learn the language of our partner. When we learn our partner’s love language we...[ read more ]

6 Conflict Resolution Strategies For Couples Fighting Like Cats And Dogs

Learn how to stop the arguments before they escalate. Conflict resolution strategies for relationships are now important more than ever. In January 2020, when you were making your New Year’s Resolutions about your life and relationship, you probably never thought that you would be stuck inside with your partner for a couple of months and be ready to call it...[ read more ]

6 Lessons Learned Post COVID-19 For Couples

Since COVID-19 and stay at home orders started, your life and your relationship probably changed in many dramatic ways; some changes are for the better and well, some changes might have not been beneficial to your relationship.  After quarantine, many couples are wondering how to nurture and continue their closeness when they return to their office all day. We Feel...[ read more ]

Nurturing Your Relationship During “Stay at Home” Orders

During these unprecedented times, we are stuck in our homes for an undetermined amount of time with our partners, spending more hours with them than ever before. We might have always wished for extra time with a partner, but I’m guessing no one imagined it would be spent under “stay at home” orders due to a global pandemic. Recently I’ve...[ read more ]

Relationship Resolutions: A New Spark for the New Year

Every new year brings new and renewed resolutions and commitments to our work, school, family, and self. We are excited by the thought of what this year can bring. Frequently, we wonder about what new possibilities and opportunities will arise in 2020. As we reflect on our lives, we reflect on our relationships, too. Some people begin the new year...[ read more ]

Do You Have Your Partner’s “Owner Manual”?

As Seen On: PACT Institute In your romantic relationship, paying attention to your partner’s responses and attitudes is especially prudent. Observing impressions and reactions can help you become more in tune with a partner’s likes and dislikes. I refer to this practice as “obtaining your partner’s ‘owner manual.’” For example, if I say the word rollercoaster, most people have a...[ read more ]

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