Marriage In Trouble? How To Decide Between Couples Therapy vs. Individual Therapy

Marriage In Trouble? How To Decide Between Couples Therapy vs. Individual Therapy You are fighting, yelling and arguing about everything. You can’t agree on anything and are tired of having the same fights over and over again. You may be asking yourself, “Is my marriage in trouble?” What are the benefits of couples therapy vs. individual therapy? Where do you...[ read more ]

Why Do We Keep Having The Same Arguments?

This couple keeps wondering why they keep having the same arguments

Why Do We Keep Having The Same Arguments? You want to have a conversation with your partner and feel heard and listened, but it always degenerates into the same arguments. You may have tried talking calmly, you’ve tried yelling, and you even may have tried the silent treatment. You feel stuck. You are tired of asking yourself, “Why do we...[ read more ]

Is It Normal For Couples To Argue?

Couple struggling with arguing.

Sometimes you might wonder why your friends’ marital relationships appear so happy.  They seem never to argue. The key word is seem. The fact that we are privy to a couple’s arguments does not mean they never express disagreement. Your question, “Is it normal for couples to argue?” makes it necessary to address the issue of what is normal.   What...[ read more ]

What Causes Resentment In A Marriage (Plus How You Can Heal Resentment In Yours)

Couple struggling with resentment in their marriage.

What Causes Resentment? You may ask yourself, “What causes resentment?” or “Why am I feeling resentful?”.  No one likes to be taken for granted, feel unappreciated or devalued, but if your partner does something that causes you to feel that way,  you may feel resentful. You expect that your spouse will cherish and care for you, but when you find...[ read more ]

What Does It Mean To Resent Someone?

No one likes to feel unappreciated or invalidated, but you might be asking yourself, "Does that mean I resent my partner?" or "What does it mean to resent someone?" When you are wronged, discriminated against, unrecognized, unappreciated, taken for granted, taken advantage of or devalued resentment towards the other person can develop. Resentment festers inside you when you believe a...[ read more ]

How Should You Speak Your Mind To Get Your Partner To Give You What You Want

Couples learning how to speak your mind without manipulating your partner.

Let’s say you're thinking about asking your partner for something you want, do you shy away or do you speak your mind? If you do not ask for what you want, do you wait until he thinks of it or do you berate him for not knowing what you want?  When you speak your mind or share your thoughts, feelings...[ read more ]

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