Hello! My name is Lisa Rabinowitz and I hope to be your counselor.

Growing up, I always wanted to be a therapist. Being a child of divorce (several divorces), I knew I didn’t want to repeat those negative patterns, and I would need to learn communication skills and relationship tools.

I was always the kind, listening ear that my friends turned to and I worked throughout my life to learn more about the struggles that people experience. I suppose counseling was a natural fit for me.

Due to the impact of my parent’s divorce-I understand the importance of healthy relationships and the impact of unhealthy relationships on both the couple and their children.

I work to assist couples in finding their spark again, if that’s what they want.

If it’s not what they want, I work hard to assist them in amicably separating and being able to peacefully move into what their new life looks like.

It’s even better if the couple comes to me prior to marriage as I can help give them a head start.


Counseling was and is my calling.

I believe that my life experiences have taught me that I can be a victim or a survivor; it’s my decision. I have learned that I can choose to empower myself or I can drown in life’s challenges.

My life struggles provided me with many opportunities to understand how others are suffering and how to empathize with them. My challenging life experiences have led me to be an understanding, empathetic and caring therapist that can help you grow and learn as an individual and improve and strengthen your relationships.

When I am not in my office, I enjoy exercising to improve my mental and physical well-being, reading books to be a more effective therapist and an emotionally healthy person and spending time with my family.


So many of my married couples tell me if they knew and understood everything I shared with them then their lives and marriages would have been so much better.

I am so excited when couples learn how to shift from feeling so lost, alone, isolated, hurt…to connecting, communicating and feeling like they are on the “same team”.

We find a new way.

Our work together gives them a new lease or opportunity on life and their relationship. For me, witnessing this process is extremely rewarding.




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