Hello! Welcome to Rabinowitz Counseling. If you've landed here I feel I can assume that you've been searching the internet for help with either an individual or a couple's issue.

When you're struggling it can affect every area of your life.

Your personal stress, pain and hurt becomes more and more difficult to manage.

Others may notice you look unhappy, you're having mood swings or the fact that you're isolating. It gets frustrating and lonely.

You go through the paces at work or at home and wear a smile.

If you stop pretending you're okay you're afraid of the repercussions. Your work may suffer It may be suffering anyway due to lack of concentration.

People will notice. What will you say?

Heading home after work you may struggle to even muster up the energy to see your partner. You don't have the energy to listen, to connect. You're short tempered, irritable, or just plain tired. Your partner is expressing concern for you, for themselves, for your relationship. Maybe you feel criticized and lash out. Whatever it is, you and your mate are struggling. It gets more and more difficult to wear the mask.

Until one day, you can't. You don't have the energy to pretend anymore.

Everything starts spinning. It seems like everyone is noticing.

You're irritable, you cry, everyone is annoying you. You don't want to see anyone. They're expressing concern but you're so deep in it you can't hear it for what it is. You just feel criticized and alone.

So you struggle, you cry and you try to keep your head above water, but you want to stop surviving and start living again. Now, you find yourself on the internet- searching for help. You may not even know what you're looking for, but professional help may be a possibility. Which brings us here.

The fact that you've been searching is a good sign!

It means that you're uncomfortable enough to realize that something is wrong. If you've been going it alone but it's not quite working, it may be time to consider some help.

Take a look around the site and let me know how I can help you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Learn More About Who I Am

I help couples who are feeling frustrated, sad, lonely and confused about their relationship so they can have the relationship they always dreamed of.

I offer pre-marital and couple’s counseling (including Gottman Method Couples Therapy and PACT), and help with communication difficulties.

I also offer assistance with self-esteem, stress, and anxiety issues so you can feel happy, satisfied and calm.

You’ll find more information in the toolbar above on those specific pages.

I see therapy as a team effort.

My approach is not to be the expert. I leave that to you.

I see my role more as offering guidance, helping you see the cycle you’re been stuck in and moving into a happier place.

I help you make connections and learn new approaches so that you can get out of doing the same old thing and move on to better communication and getting what you want out of your life.


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