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Improve Your Relationship With Couples Counseling Services In Baltimore, Maryland

You use to feel loved and cared about, but something happened?

When you fight and argue it's so exhausting and unresolved issues are so frustrating.

When you're struggling in your relationship it can affect every area of your life.

Heading home after work you may wonder, "What are we going to fight about now?".

You may feel criticized and blamed for all the problems.

Now, you find yourself on the Internet searching for help. There are so many therapists on the web that you are feeling confused and wondering, "Who can really help us?"

I counsel couples who are searching for help to learn how to work together, create win-win solutions, want to decrease fighting, and increase appreciation and affection.

Finding Happiness And Love Are Possible With The Right Help, Guidance and Support.

If you are looking for a compassionate, experienced, knowledgeable and "she really gets us" therapist, then take a look around the site and let me know how I can help you.

In 2-6 Sessions of Therapy, Couples reported:

-Feeling Validated and Listened to by Their Partner
-Increased Levels of Connection and Intimacy
-Fewer Sessions of Therapy because of My Approach
-More Appreciation and Greater Trust
-Better Understanding of Their Partner
-Less Number of Fights
-If a Disagreement Occurred, then They Knew How to Stop the Fight in 5 Minutes
-Overall, Higher Level of Marital Happiness and Peace

You Can Be Happy Again And Have Te Relationship You Have Been Dreaming About! 

I provide flexible appointments-day, evening and weekend appointments. I have online booking for appointments and can provide tele-therapy or counseling in the convenience of your home or my office. Currently, only counseling clients using tele-therapy on your phone or computer until further notice.

I’m happy to spend 30 minutes with you at no cost to see what’s possible for your relationship.

Your search for effective couples counseling services near me is finally over. You're in the right hands with me. Please call me at 410-736-8118 to Create the Relationship You've been Waiting for.


Learn More About Who I Am

I help couples who are feeling frustrated, sad, lonely and confused about their relationship so they can have the relationship they always dreamed of.

I offer relationship counseling and Intensive Couples Therapy Retreats (including Gottman Method Couples Therapy and PACT), and help with communication difficulties.

Relationships can be hard, but you do not have to navigate it alone.

I see my role more as offering guidance, helping you see the cycle you’re been stuck in and moving into a happier place.

As your relationship counselor, I will help you make connections and learn new approaches so that you can get out of doing the same old thing and move on to better communication and getting what you want out of your life.

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